::Творчество-->Дискография-->Синглы (США)

"Love Buzz"/"Big Cheese" (Sub Pop, 1988)
"Sliver"/"Dive" (Sub Pop, 1990)
"Molly's Lips" (Sub Pop, 1991)
"Here She Comes Now" (Communion, 1991)
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"/"Even In His Youth"/"Aneurism" (DGC, 1991)
"Come As You Are"/"School"(Live)/"Drain You"(Live) (DGC, 1992)
"Lithium"/"Been A Son"(Live)/"Curmudgeon" (DGC, 1992)
"Oh, The Guilt" (Touch And Go, 1993)
::Творчество-->Дискография-->Синглы (Великобритания)
"Blew"/"Love Buzz"/"Been A Son"/"Stain" (Tupelo, 1989)
"Sliver"/"Dive" (Tupelo, 1991)
"Sliver"/"Dive"/"About A Girl"(Live) (Tupelo, 1991)
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"/"Drain You" (DGC, 1991)
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"/"Even In His Youth"/"Aneurism" (DGC, 1991)
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"/"Even In His Youth"/"Aneurism"/"Drain You" (DGC, 1991)
"Come As You Are"/"Endless, Nameless" (DGC, 1992)
"Come As You Are"/"Endless, Nameless"/"School"(Live) (DGC, 1992)
"Lithium"/"Curmudgeon" (DGC, 1992)
"Lithium"/"Been A Son"(Live)/"Curmudgeon" (DGC, 1992)
"In Bloom"/"Polly"(Live" (DGC, 1992)
"In Bloom"/"Sliver"(Live)/"Polly"(Live) (DGC, 1992)
"Oh, The Guilt" (Touch And Go, 1993)
"Heart-Shaped Box"/"Marigold" (DGC, 1993)
"Heart-Shaped Box"/"Milk It"/"Marigold" (DGC, 1993)
::Творчество-->Дискография-->Альбомы и компакты
Bleach (Sub Pop(US), 1989)
Nevermind (DGC (US), 1991)
Incesticide (DGC (US), 1992)
In Utero (DGC (US), 1993)
Bleach (Sub Pop(UK), 1989)
Nevermind (DGC (UK), 1991)
Incesticide (DGC (UK), 1992)
In Utero (DGC (UK), 1993)
MTV Unplugged In New York (DGC (US-UK), 1994)
"In Bloom" 1990
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" 1991
"Come As You Are" 1992
"Lithium" 1992
"Sliver" 1993
"Heart-Shaped Box" 1993
"MTV Unplogged In New York" 1993
"Live! Tonight! Sold Out!" 1994
"MTV Presents Nirvana Special" 1994
"Tribute Of Kurt Kobain" 1994
::Творчество-->Дискография-->Песни по алфавиту
A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge Part 1 (By the band "Earth" with Kurt on Guitar. From an EP called "Extra-Capsular Extraction", released 10/91)
A Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge Part 2 (By the band "Earth" with Kurt on Guitar. From an EP called "Extra-Capsular Extraction", released 10/91)
About a girl / Queer!
Adorn / Lemon Song / White, Lace and Strange / Laminated Effect / White Lace and Strange (From the 04/17/87 KAOS Radio show. Thunder and Roses cover, off an album called "King of the Black Sunrise". Correct title is "White Lace and Strange". Floating on Napster as "Laminated Effect")
Aero Zeppelin / Zero Zeppelin
Ain't it a shame (Kurt on lead vocals with Mark Lanegan, 1989. Has not surfaced. Recorded in Seattle on 8/89)
All along the watchtower (Kurt apparently did a cover of the guitar riff from this song, originally by Bob Dylan. If this is the jam from LTSO, it is a different song)
All apologies / What else could I be / Mary / All Progressive
All you need is love (Beatles cover. Krist sings a blurb of this at the 1/20/90 show in between songs)
Aneurysm / Aneurism / Come on over / Any Rithm / Come on over and do the twist / Ancurysm
Anorexorcist / Run, Rabbit, Run / Raunchola / Suicide Samurai (Performed at the 01/23/88 and 04/17/87 shows. Real title should indeed be "Anorexorcist". "Run, Rabbit, Run" is a different song, as is "Raunchola")
Another One Bites The Dust (Queen Cover, jammed on 10/10/91 in Cleveland, OH)
Anywhere But Here / Determined (With Kurt, Courtney, Kristen Pfaff and Patty. From Rio 1/93 - possibly 1/22/93. The 'wav' file of this song that surfaced was apparently fake)
Asking for it / Live Through This / Ask for it (Hole with Kurt on backing vocals, 1993. Available on the "Outcesticide V" and "Love Buzz" bootlegs)
Asshole / Loser / Why I'm Here (Some people have been claiming that Kurt is singing on this track. He is NOT. It doesn't appear to be an Oleander song either. Original artist unknown.)
At a Crawl (Performed live once. Date unknown. I don't think it has surfaced)
Baba O' Riley (The Who cover. Performed by Nirvana on 12/07/91)
Bad Moon Rising (See Note #1)
Bambi Slaughter / Bambi Kill / Bambie Kill (From a 1988 demo. Also recorded for the FMD. Available on "Outcesticide IV". Apparently Dale Crover noted that 'Bambi Kill' was not the correct title of this song. Real title is unknown.)
Barney vs. Slash (Just a short jam from beginning of 10/31/93 Akron, OH show)
Bass Solo / Instrumental Improvisation (Performed at various shows, ie. at 10/30/92)
Beans / Beans & Wine (This 'song' has been confirmed by Chad Channing to be authentic. There are three edits of the song; some include an intro with someone saying "I don't like you - I'm gonna beat you up" etc.)
Been a son / She should, been a son / In the sun / She should have been a son
Beeswax / Bees' Wax
Big Cheese / Big Chief / Make Me
Big long now / Blind / Can we show our faces?
Bikini Twilight (Kurt played guitar on this track, together with the band "Go Team". Released 7/89)
Black and White blues / Black, White and The Blues / Black and White Blues / Vendettagainst (A diff. song is also called Vendettagainst. Performed briefly on 02/14/90 in San Francisco, CA)
Blandest / Saviour / Situation Change
Blew / Blue / Shame / Coxxyx ('Coxxyx' is supposedly the title of early versions of Blew)
Breed / Immodium / Imodium / Bleed / She said (The song was known as "Imodium" before the release of "Nevermind". Name was changed to avoid lawsuit)
Buzz cut / The Landlord part 1 / Montage of Heck / What's the meaning? / Escalator to hell (Early intro for Love Buzz, available on the 'Love Buzz' 7" single. Also see "Montage of Heck")
Call it what you want (According to BMI this is a hip-hop song, which briefly samples Nirvana's SLTS. I haven't heard a recording of it)
Castration (Mentioned in the 'Come As You Are Book'. Possibly another name for "On a plain")
Change (Another "rare" song that has been distributed through Napster, and thus a fake. It claims to be Kurt at age 18, but it is not. It's just some idiot posing as Kurt)
Clean up before she comes / Clean it up before she comes / Dusty Town
Closure / Drum solo / Finale (From the end of 02/22/94 Rome, Italy)
Color Pictures of Marigold / Marigold / I want it all (Dave's original version of Marigold, available on the "Pocketwatch" demo by Dave/Foo Fighters)
Come as you are / CAYA
Come on Death / Help me, Death Jam (Live in New York, NY on 9/28/91. Consists of a mix between 'Endless, Nameless', 'RFUS' and 'Help, me I'm Hungry')
Cobwebs and strange (The Who cover. Performed briefly at 11/7/93)
Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin cover. Performed by Krist and the Foo Fighters on 8/29/97)
Coroner (Fake. Consists of various samples from the Bleach album mixed together)
Crisco / Rock Whore (From the 11/30/91 Glasgow show. Real title is unknown)
D-7 / Dee seven / Straight as an arrow / Dementia 7 (Written by The Wipers)
Dance / Dance '93 (This song is most likely called "Safety Dance" and is a cover of the 80's band Men Without Hats. Not sure when Nirvana did it)
Dave's Techno Jam (David Grohl playing some 'techno jam' on his drums while shouting "TECHNOOO TECHNO!!!" from 10/30/92)
Dazed and Confused / Jam (Led Zeppelin cover. Jammed at 11/26/89 in Mezzago, Italy)
Dive / Guide / Down with me
Divine and Bright (Earth song with Kurt on background guitar and vocals. Released in 2001 on an EP)
Do you love me? (Kiss cover. From "Outcesticide I" and the more official "Hard to believe" Kiss tribute album)
Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult cover. A brief jam from the 02/25/94 Milan, Italy show)
Donuts / Do Nuts (The Legend cover. Performed on 10/27/90, 11/13/93 and 11/14/93 with Billy Childish, Everett True and Pat Smear on vocals, respectively)
Dough, Ray and Me / Me and my IV / Doctor and me (This song might have been rehearsed at a session in March of 1994 at Kurt's basement. It is unknown. It was not recorded on 1/94)
Down in the dark (Kurt on back vocals with Mark Lanegan, available on Lanegan's 'Winding Sheet' album released 5/90. Recorded in Seattle on 12/89)
Downer / Donner
Drain you / Drain your aneurysm / Draw you
Dream on (Aerosmith cover. Performed briefly live in Phoenix, AZ on 10/18/93)
Dumb / Just happy / Ain't over / Womb
Endless, Nameless / Guitar Demolition / 13:54 / Sorry ma'am / Summer / Secret / Destruction (The "hidden" track on the Nevermind album. Performed live many times)
Even flow (Pearl Jam cover. At 6/27/92 Turko, Finland, Kurt chants "Even Flow" a couple of times during SLTS to mock Pearl Jam for cancelling their performance at the same festival)
Even in his youth (From the 'Hormoaning' EP. Performed live several times)
Every single grape (In "1991: The Year Punk Broke", Dave is holding up a bunch of grapes backstage talking about how he'll eat every single one)
Floyd the barber / Freud the barber / Shy
Formaldehyde / Bullshit Jam / Possibilities / Carmen Fantasy Jam / Theme from 'Carmen' (Cover of the theme from the classical opera called "Carmen". Performed on 1/23/93, 10/19/91 and 10/14/91)
Fountain Soda / Drown Soda (See Note #2)
Frances farmer will have her revenge on Seattle / FFWHHROS / Francis Farmer
Freebird / Sweet Jam (Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover, jammed at the MTV Unplugged)
Frizzle / Frazzle (Probably fake)
Gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip / In Utero / Devalued American Dollar Purchase Incentive Track (Last song on European versions of In Utero)
Get together / Het together (Krist's intro-solo for Territorial pissings. Cover of The Youngbloods)
Going Blind (Kiss cover, played with the Melvins. Not sure when it was performed ... if ever)
Grey Goose (Leadbelly cover. From August '89 sessions with Kurt and Mark Lanegan. Has not surfaced)
Gypsies, Tramps, And Thieves (Cher Cover. Pre-Nirvana with Krist on vocals. Surfaced by myself in 1998)
Hairspray queen / Disco Goddess / Disco Queen / Midnight
Half and Half (Probably fake)
Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin cover. Performed at the '87 Party and in Miami, FL on 11/27/93)
Heart-Shaped Box / Wait / Heart Shaped Coffin / Haight
Hello Kitty (From Kurt's joke side band, Nighty Nite, with Courtney Love and Patty Schemel. Hasn't surfaced. Possibly recorded on 1/93)
Help me, I'm hungry / Nevermind / Help / Help me (The title 'Help me' is probably the correct one. Performed live several times, for example on 11/5/89)
Here she comes now / Made outta wood (Velvet underground cover. Was put on a compilation CD and performed live many times)
High on the Hog / Alcohol (TAD with Kurt on vocals, from 11/26/89)
How Many More Times (Led Zeppelin Cover. Jammed at the '87 Party)
Hummingbirds from Hell (Nirvana & the Melvins. Hasn't surfaced, though some fakes are out there. Some say this song is by the 60's Nirvana, which is likely)
I am Gross (By Stinky Puffs, whom Krist and Dave played with on this song)
I died a swords man (Might be another name for 'Suicide Samurai' - could be a fake title)
I feel fine (Beatles cover. Jammed in Minneapolis 10/14/91)
I hate myself and want to die / Classics / 2 Bass kid / Here I am / I hate myself and I want to die (From 'The Beavis and Butthead experience' compilation)
I love you anyway (Song by side project Stinky Puffs with Krist and Dave. From July 1994)
I wanna be your dog (Stooges cover. Performed briefly on 12/03/89 in London, England and 11/15/93 New York. See Note #5)
If I gave my heart to you / If I gave you my heart / If I Fell / If I fell in love with you (Beatles cover, jammed on 1/20/90 in Tacoma, WA)
If you must / The Extreme / I can live / I can't live / Token Middle Eastern Song / Token Eastern Song ('Token Eastern Song' is not the correct title of this song -- the first song from the 1/23/88 demo. 'If you must' is)
I'm a boy (The WHO cover. Krist jammed on it briefly during the 11/22/89 show)
I'm a Vegetarian (This jam was played 10/02/91 in Washington DC. It's short, but Chris is pretty funny as he sings it. He ends it by saying "Kurt Cobain" about 10 times. The actual song is a cover of Devo's "Satisfaction")
Immigrant song (Led Zeppelin cover. Performed at 12/21/88 in Hoquiam, WA)
Immodium / Imodium (Early name for "Breed". See "Breed" for more details)
In Bloom / Knows Not What It Means / He Knows Not What It Means / Not what it means
In His Hands / In his room / Without a shape / Verse Chorus Verse (See Note #6)
Intro (The one from 'Wishkah. Kurt did this intro at several early shows. It consists of him screaming very loud, apparently he was just clearing his throat)
It's closing soon / Closing soon / Closing Time / Drunk in Rio (With Courtney Love and Kurt. Real title is one of the last two mentioned. Probably recorded in Rio on 01/22/93)
Jealousy / Jelousy / Jealous / Isebella / Possibilites / Personalities (Viletones cover. From 1/23/93)
Jeremy (A jam of the Pearl Jam song. Not sure when it was performed)
Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam / Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam / Jesus wants me / Jesus wants me for a sunbeam (Covered by Eugene Kelly & Francis McKee of The Vaselines. Originally from an old Christian song. Real title is the last one mentioned. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam is a mislabel by Geffen/DGC)
Junkyard / Happy hour / Happy tour / Born in a junkyard / Token Eastern song ("Token Eastern Song" is the correct title of this song, better known as "Junkyard". Performed on 9/13/89 and other shows. Recorded in the studio '89)
Kids of America (Kim Wilde cover. Apparently performed at the unsurfaced 1/16/93 show)
Kill Yr Idols (Sonic Youth cover. Performed at the end of 12/29/93 and 11/12/93. Thanks to Matt Reeder for the info)
Lake of fire (Meat Puppets cover)
Laminated Effect (A song by this name was probably done by the band Fecal Matter. A recording is not available. If you find this one on Napster, it's FAKE or mislabeled!)
Lemonade Nation (From Kurt's joke side band, Nighty Nite, with Courtney Love and Patty Schemel. Hasn't surfaced. Possibly recorded on 1/93)
Lithium / Lythium / Broken Mirrors / Lithilm / I'm not gonna crack
Loser (TAD with Kurt on guitar. Instrumental song from 11/26/89. This is NOT the song that has been floating on Napster)
Lounge act / Tell me
Love Buzz / Love Box / Drugs/ Love Bug (Written by Robby Van Leeuwen, originally performed by Shocking Blue)
Love Gun / Love Gunn (Krist & Dave jammed on this Kiss cover, 09/16/91)
Macho Man (Just a short jam where one of the band members say "Macho, Macho man")
Marigold / I want it all / She Said / Colour pictures of marigold (Dave on drums and vocals. From the Heart-Shaped Box single)
Meltdown (Alternate name for either Scentless Apprentice - or - Serve the Servants. A bootleg also carries this title)
Mexican Seafood / Dirty Digger / Mexican Seawood
Midnight Macaroni (This song is fake, it's really Beck's song "Motherfucker")
Milk it / Test me / Milk cow / Milking It / Avant Garde / Milk Made ('Milk Made' is listed at BMI's site, but is the same song as 'Milk it'. Both songs have the same registration number as well)
Misery Loves Company -- The song from "Outcesticide I" is listed by this name / The Extreme ("If you must" is also called this sometimes) / Spectre / Maiden Circle / Look For Company / Unexpected / Sad / Seed ("Sad" and "Seed" are "Sappy" and "Misery Loves Company", respectively)
Miss World (With Kurt, Courtney, Kristen and Patty. Probably recorded in Rio on 01/22/93)
Moby dick / Moby dick jam (Led Zeppelin cover, from the end of the 01/23/88 show)
Moist Vagina / MV / Marijuana / Smelly Vagina / Moiste Vagina / Mary Jane / 4:20 (From the All Apologies single)
Molly's lips / Mummy's home / She Says / Polly's Lips (The Vaselines cover)
Montage of Heck Part 1+2 / The Landlord Part 1+2 / Montage of Heck (Complete version surfaced by me in 1998)
More than a feeling (Boston cover jammed at 8/30/92, right before SLTS)
Morphine (Brief Jam ... ?)
Mr. Moustache / MM
Mrs. Robinson (Simon & Garfunkel cover. Nirvana/Kurt never did this song. It is a fake, spread through Napster. It is NOT Kurt at Mari Earl's house!)
My Best Friend's Girl / My best friends girlfriend (The Cars cover. Performed at 03/1/94 Germany)
My Sharona (The Knack cover. Performed at 02/16/94 Rennes)
Negative creep / Hate me, Never Retreat / Daddy's Little girl / Negative Creed
No Quarter / Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover, performed by Nirvana in Seattle on 08/6/93. Unsurfaced)
Noise / The end of music - end of concert / Endless, Nameless / Demolition / Destruction / Improvisation / Come on Death (See "Endless, Nameless" for further details)
Noise Bleed / The Landlord part 2 (Also see "Montage of Heck" and "Buzz Cut")
Oh, Me (Meat Puppets cover)
Oh, The Guilt / It takes time / It takes a time (From Jesus Lizard split single, released 4/92)
Old age (Kurt wrote most of this song and gave it to Courtney. It was recorded just before the Nevermind sessions but has not surfaced. A one minute clip of the song by Nirvana is floating around though)
On a plain / On a plane / Plane
On a Mountain / You got no right / Auto Pilot / I'm a mountain / All Apologies / You know you're right/ I Know Your Right / Know Your Rights / You've Got No Right (Real title is confimed to be 'You Know You're Right' - performed on 10/23/93 and recorded 1/94 [unsurfaced]. Covered later by Hole as "You've Got No Right")
Ouroboros is broken (By the band "Earth". Features Kurt on guitar. From an EP called "Extra-Capsular Extraction")
Opinion (Kurt acoustic solo performance from KAOS radio 1990. The "heavy" version of the song is not Nirvana, but a cover by an unknown band)
Paper cuts
Pay to play / Make it big (Early version of "Stay Away" with alt. lyrics. See "Stay Away" for more details)
Pen Cap Chew / Rise (Recorded on 1/23/88. Played live on 04/17/87 and a couple of other shows)
Pennyroyal Tea / Tired / I'm so tired / Household drugs / China Tea
Phone conversation with Krist and Jon Poneman (From the 'Sliver' 7" single)
Pipeline (Jammed in Mezzago, Italy 11/26/89)
Plateau (Meat Puppets cover)
Play that funky music / Thank You (Actually a cover of Sly and the Family Stone called 'Thank you'. Jammed in Los Angeles, CA 05/29/91)
Polly / Cracker [1989 acoustic version of the song] / Final flight / Punk Rock Polly / Polly (New Wave) [Incesticide version] / Hollywood Smokes [Polly inspired by the 'Cigarette version']
Purple Rain (By Foo Fighters and Krist, performed on 8/29/97)
Puss (Many people incorrectly call this a Nirvana song, while it is not. It is in fact the first song on the Jesus Lizard split single with Nirvana's "Oh the guilt")
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter / Radio friends / Four Month Media Blackout / My Sharona (Was mixed into RFUS on 2/14/94) / Four Month Media Blackout
Ramble On (Led Zeppelin cover. Done in Miami, FL on 11/27/93)
Rape me / Break me / Wreck me / Waif me (As printed on some versions of "In Utero" for censorship reasons)
Raunchola / Run, Rabbit, Run / Unknown (See Note #4)
Red Dress / The Dodge (Jad Fair cover, from 10/30/92. It's just Dave saying "AEO" a couple of times)
Return of the rat (Written by The Wipers)
Rio / She Dances In The Sand (Duran Duran cover. Performed at the unsurfaced 01/16/93 Sгo Paulo show)
Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover. This is a very short jam with Krist singing "Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time", before the Carmen jam. Live in Rio de Janeiro, 1/23/93)
Rocked by Rape (This track consists of some segments from CBS news, supplemented by some weird music in the background. It is NOT Nirvana. It was mislabeled on purpose)
Run to the hills (Iron Maiden cover. Part of this was played at the 02/22/94 show)
Run, Rabbit, Run (Smack cover. See Note #3)
Sacrifice (Performed by Krist & Buzz Osbourne as "Melvana", 01/15/92)
Sappy / Verse Chorus Verse / No Alternate (misspelling of "No Alternative") / Make You Happy / Happy / Happy Hour / Everything and nothing / Another rule / Laundry Room / The Rocker / Sad [1989 acoustic version of the song] / VCV / Mistero / The Grasshopper (See Note #7)
Scentless apprentice / Away / Out of face
School / No Recess / You're in high school again / Maniac
Scoff / Im my eyes
Scratch it out / Scatch it out (Kurt on guitar with the band "Go Team". From 7/89)
Seaside Suicide / SS / Suicide Samurai (Mari Earl, Kurt's aunt, mentioned this song. A recording of it has not surfaced. An 1:54min fake version is circulating. It's not real)
Seasons in the sun (Terry Jacks cover. Performed at the unsurfaced 01/16/93 Sгo Paulo and 08/6/93 Seattle shows)
Serve the servants / Sundown
Sex Bomb (Flipper cover, circa 1987. Unsurfaced. Apparently Nirvana did a 40min version of it at some party in '87)
Sky Pup (Melvins song that Kurt plays guitar on. On the "Houdini" album by the Melvins, released 9/93. Recorded in San Francisco, CA 12/92)
Sliver / Silver / Take me home / Never take me home / Grandma take me home
Small Town / Hometown (John Mellencamp cover. Not sure when it was performed, if ever)
Smells Like Teen Spirit / Teen Gothic / The Hit / Teen Spirit / SLTS
Smells Like Nirvana (This is Weird Al's parody of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". The band thought it was funny)
Smoke on the water (Deep Purple Cover, jammed at the 02/22/94 show)
Something in the way / Something in the May
Son of a gun (The Vaselines cover)
Song in D (Perhaps an early name for "All Apologies". Butch Vig mentioned this song being rehearsed during the Nevermind sessions at Sound City studios. A recording has not surfaced)
Sorry Yesterday (Fake. This one is actually "Smells like teen spirit" played backwards. Some idiots started spreading this on Napster in August 2000)
Sounds of distortion (The end of the Live & Loud 12/13/93 show)
Spank Thru / Spank Through / Freedom of choice / Make it big / Heartbreak / Speaks Through / Love is a drag (On the 'Sub-Pop-200' compilation)
Speed Racer Theme (Supposedly sung backstage once)
Spread Eagle Beagle / Spread Eagle / Spread Eagle Witch (Melvins song that Kurt helped produce and played extra percussion on. On the "Houdini" album by the Melvins, released 9/93. Recorded in San Francisco, CA 12/92)
Stain / The same
Star Spangled Banner (Brief Jam from 08/30/92 Reading)
Stay away / Star away / Pay to Play ("Pay to Play" is an early version with alt. lyrics)
Stojim Na Kantunu / Standing on the corner (Cover of the Croatian band Рavoli -- The Devils. Performed at the 2/27/94 show)
Suicide Samurai (See 'Anorexorcist' for more details)
Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2 cover, Live at the Reading Festival, England 8/23/91. Dave jammed on the drum-intro of this song several times, ie. at Reading '91)
Swap meet
Sweet emotion jam (Aerosmith cover)
Sweet home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover, performed briefly on 01/20/90 and MTV Unplugged's uncut version)
Talk to me (Performed on 11/23/91 and 11/16/91)
Territorial Pissings / TP / The Punk Rock Song
The End (The Doors cover. Performed on 11/23/91)
The man who sold the world (David Bowie cover)
The money will roll right in / Sit and grin (Fang cover. Played in Reading, England on 08/30/92)
The pill / Pill (This song is mentioned on various sites for Tabs, such as tabcrawler.com and OLGA. It is mislabeled. It is actually "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath)
The priest they called him / Silent Night (Kurt plays background guitar on this "story" by William Burroughs, who died in August 1997)
The Rose (Bette Midler cover. Apparently its original writer is Amanda McBroom. Performed briefly at 08/30/92 by Nirvana)
The Void (Raincoats cover, believed to have been played by Kurt backstage on acoustic guitar once. Has not surfaced)
Token Eastern Song (See "Junkyard" for more info)
Tourette's / tourette's / Downtown / The eagle has landed / Fineprint / New Poopie ("The Eagle Has Landed" is an early version of this song, with alt. lyrics. "New Poopie" is listed at BMI's site, but is actually an early name for "tourette's")
Trophy (Cover, jammed in Germany on 11/13/89)
Turnaround / Pretty scary (Devo cover)
TV Eye (Iggy Pop cover. Jammed in San Diego on 08/19/90)
Twilight Zone (Jam from the famous TV show. From 11/08/89)
Twister (From Kurt's joke side band, Nighty Nite, with Courtney Love and Patty Schemel. Hasn't surfaced. Possibly recorded on 1/93)
Unknown - v1 (Live at the Manchester Academy, 12/04/91. Dave is on vocals. Real title is unknown. Seems to be the same as the song below)
Unknown - v2 (Played at the Melvins house (supposedly), 8/90. A short 2min jam. Real title is unknown. Could be entitled "Punk Song" or "Teenage Wasteland")
Vendettagainst / Vendettagainst '88 / Scoff (?) (This song might be fake. Sometimes called 'Black & White Blues' although there is a diff. song called that too)
Verse Chorus Verse (See Note #6)
Very ape / Into the fire - into the dirt / Into the dirt / Punky New Wave Number
Violet (With Courtney Love. Not sure when it was done)
Walk, Don't Run (Jammed on 11/08/89, 11/13/89 and 12/01/89)
Way of the world (Performed by Krist & Buzz Osbourne as "Melvana", 01/15/92)
We Wanna Be Free (Possibly Nirvana, played on 11/22/89, from movie "Easy Rider")
We will rock you (Queen cover, jammed VERY briefly by Krist on 2/19/92 in Tokyo, Japan and supposedly jammed at 1/16/93)
What's Up (4-Non Blondes cover sung briefly on 10/18/93 in Arizona)
Where did you sleep last night / Black Girl / My Girl / In the pines (Written by Huddie Ledbetter of Ledbelly)
White Boy Funk Sucks (Just a very short jam ending with one of the band members saying this sentence. From 10/31/91)
White Lace and Strange (See "Adorn" for more info)
Why I'm Here (Could be an incorrect name for "Big Long Now". The song "Loser" aka. "Asshole", floating on Napster, is also called this sometimes)
Wild Thing Jam (Troggs cover. Jammed on 4/17/91)
Yellow Submarine (Beatles cover)
Yes! She's my skinhead / She is my skinhead - Yes, she is my skinhead (Unrest cover. Most likely never performed by Nirvana, but fakes exist)
You've Got No Right / You Know You're Right (See "On a Mountain" for details)